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Aloe + Coconut Blend

Aloe + Coconut Blend

SKU: SCA001/002

Our Aloe + Coconut Blend for hair and body is a wonderful pre-shower leave-in hair conditioner and a post-shower body moisturizer. It has a non-sticky; soft and creamy texture that is light on your scalp and skin leaving it moisturized for hours.


Our Aloe + Coconut blend is available in two quantities - 150 grams and 300 grams. For daily usage, we recommend the 300 grams jar for monthly shopping.


Also works on sunburns, rashes, mosquito bites, skin & scalp irritation


    • Hair: Apply generously over your scalp and hair strands including ends for complete coverage. Wash after a minimum of two hours for best results.
    • Body: Apply generously over hands, legs, breasts and buttocks for wholesome moisturisation after shower.
  • Ingredients

    Stabilized Thar Aloe Vera Gel, Cold Pressed Kerala Coconut Oil

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