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Who are we

Sui-Cura Artisans is a conscious brand working towards creating handmade, sustainable, and affordable self-care products ranging from skincare and haircare to home care. We aim to create unique products with simple ingredients that we all understand.

We want to create a space for self-care that is simple to understand and use for those who believe in trusted efforts and minimize the noise of heavily rare ingredients. All products are created in small batches and most of our products are freshly blended and custom-created often, tailored to your needs.

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Founder & Artisan

Meet Jhelum Anikhindi, the powerhouse behind the brand & recipes

Jhelum has always been intrigued by home remedies over store-bought solutions. However, in our daily busy lives, it is not always possible to make the effort required to do so. While dealing with an auto-immune disease - psoriasis, which heavily affects her skin; she had to start reading the ingredient labels far too well and eventually cut off all commercial skincare products. She relied on the Indian household trusted coconut oil for a few years along with aloe vera for managing her skin ailment. Over time, she realized natural and homemade skin & hair care takes a little effort, provides better long-term results, reduces side effects, and almost gets you obsessed with it! With this obsession and acquired knowledge to help herself and others around her, Sui-Cura Artisans was born in March 2021. Being a conscious spender herself, she also wanted to create a brand that sells affordable self-care products to help a wider range of audience because we all deserve it. She not only blends every recipe and orders herself, but she also tests all the recipes on her skin & hair, because if it doesn't work on sensitive yet resilient skin and scalp like hers, it doesn't make it to our product list. 

"I love DIY-ing everything and it accidentally expanded into skin, hair & home care and I couldn't be happier with this shift. I have always loved giving advice and helping people find solutions for literally any kind of problem and now I have something for their skin and hair issues. I'm also someone who doesn't do heavy daily skin or hair routines but basic self-care and the occasional pampering so I personally use limited products and prefer keeping that cosmetic shelf as decluttered as possible. So, Sui-Cura (self-care) is the objective and goal for all our products with simple recipes and ingredients we know and understand." 

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Jhelum Anikhindi - Founder
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